Thursday, December 10, 2009

100% German kits - 1 Agouti!

SWF Tempest, a 100% German Agouti Doe delivered 5 kits and here they are. One is an agouti and the others are all black. All are doing well and Tempest has turned in a great mama.

We have one more litter due on December 21st. Mom is SWF La Nina, black 100% German doe and dad is Isaiah, a Giant bred by Dustin at Dusty's Angora Haven. La Nina is huge and we're hoping for color!

This is a picture of the one week old kits of Muffin, a lilac French Angora. She has 3 lilac, a couple of lilac torts, a cream, and maybe a white. There are 8 kits cuddled up in there.

Lots and lots of kits!

This is a picture of Ariel, a Satin Angora doe with her 3 kits. They are almost 4 weeks old. She had 2 Chocolate Agoutis and a
Red. This is her first litter and she's very protective of her babies.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dharma's kits

This is a new pictures of Dharma's kits. They are so sweet and friendly.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Snooz'n on the job.

Here's a pic of Dharma's 3 kids, a few days after they kindled. My son will have to update the pics for the next month. I'm recovering from total knee replacement surgery. Matt and my husband Ken tell me they are "huge" now. They'll have to sneak one in the house so I can cuddle it. What great therapy is that!

Friday, June 26, 2009

New arrivals

Dharma, my French Angora doe delivered 5 kits on the wire yesterday. When I went into the barn I found them- 2 past reviving and 3 still moving but cool. I warmed the 3 up and tucked them into the nestbox. It's Dharma's first litter and after she designed a truly beautiful nest, she must have become confused. The 3 babes are doing well today and it looks like they've been nursed this morning. There are 2 fawns and 1 fawn torte. Pictures will follow in a few days.

Another doe, La Nina, Black 100% German, still hasn't delivered. She finally built a nest but time will tell if she's pg. This is her first litter too.

It's horrible hot in southern Indiana but the buns are in an air conditioned room in the barn. I love sitting in the room with them and giving them attention. Sweet Dharma always comes over and puts her head out for petting. She loves baby talk too. La Nina is sweet but really hates the process of coming out of her cage. Once out, I can hold her like a baby.

Sweet dreams, bunnies!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Updated Satin Angora baby pics

I decided to get more pictures of the little ones. Cloudy's babies, 2 black and 1 white are getting fat and sassy. They are 90% German/English. Char's babies are growing up pretty fast. It's too soon to tell how they will turn out but Char is Penny's (BOB at ARBA Convention last yr) and Bedouin, the sire, has 3 legs. They should be very nice. Already I can see the reds are going to be nice and dark. It will soon be time for them to go to new homes. I'll be keeping some, but need to make cage space.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

what color am I?

One of Kahlua/Bedouin's babies has me puzzled. She has lots of blue but also some pale tan and brown eyes. Help? I'd love to know what color she is.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Black Satin Angora Baby

Here's a picture of one of Dusty's Abbi's kits. This is a black doe born 2/21/09. She's going to be living with a friend in Ohio soon.


Saturday, April 25th was an exciting day for us. Dharma, French Angora senior doe won her 3rd leg at the Greencastle, Indiana show. It was a beautiful day spent with my friends Sharon and Iris. We had 4 exhibitors for both French and Satin Angoras. It was also the first show held in Greencastle. And, Fabio, Satin Angora buck, won his 2nd leg. 2 of my young Satin Angoras went to new homes. Dharma also went to visit an afterschool program on Tuesday and the kids loved her. She would hop up to them and get petted, then dart off and do a binkie. She really let her sweet and curious personality shine. Last night, I clipped her lovely coat off and will breed her soon. Now to choose the sire. Here's a picture of Pondhor Villa's Dharma.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kahlua's babies

Kahlua is a Copper Agouti Satin Angora. Here are 4 of her 6 babies at 4 weeks of age.

Flame's babies

Cloudy's babies

Cloudy gave birth to 14 kits on April 3rd. She is a first time mom and had them on day 33. Of the 14, 6 were stillborn. The others were very tiny and now, only 3 are still surviving. These 3 have nice round milk tummies and seem fine. Cloudy is a Black 83% German/English hybrid. She was bred to Baby Huey, a Giant Angora.

Chardonnay's babies

Here's Chardonnay's babies. She delivered 9 healthy kits on Sunday, April 5th.

Baby Bunny updates

I've taken more pictures of Abby's babies. They're 6 weeks old now and really getting nice shiney, crimpy coats.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More baby pics

Here are some pictures of Flame's litter and Kahlua's babies.

Babies Galore!

I've got 4 litters of Satin Angoras and have the pictures now. Take a look. The first picture on the right is of Abby's babies at 3 weeks. On the left is one of Abby's 2 Black Satin Angora babies. The picture lower left is of one of Penny's babies, a Chestnut Agouti. This one is 3 weeks old.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bedouin, Grand Champion bunny!

The Lebanon, Ohio Rabbit Show on Sunday, March 1st was wonderful! I haven't seen so many angora rabbits and their people since the ARBA Convention in Louisville. Bedouin, one of my Satin Angoras, completed his Grand Championship with a BOS in one of the shows. Fabio, another one of my Satin Angoras received his 1st leg with a BOS in the other show. My other bunnies received some very nice remarks from the judges. My friends Lisa and Annette were there and also Tina. All did very well. Of course, I forgot my camera! Go to their blogs for pics. I slept most of the 3 hour drive home since my husband Ken came along to drive. I now have a new Blue French Angora buck, Blue Chieftain, from Celtic Hare Rabbitry. He's sweet and very adorable. All the bunnies are settled for the night. Time to close until I can take some more pictures.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Muffin a beautiful Lilac French Angora doe. She is 4 months old and very promising. Her wool is thick and she is very sweet.

New Baby Pictures

Here are pictures of Abby and Fabio's Satin Angora babies, born 2/21/09. They are healthy and Abby is taking very good care of them.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Babies Born!

Announcing the birth of 7 Satin Angora Babies to Dusty's Abby and AngoraEden Fabio.

I went to check on Abby and found her furiously pulling wool to line the nestbox. I left her alone to do rabbit care and for privacy. When I checked in on her, the wool was moving! I removed the wet and bloody wool and straw, counted heads and got everyone covered up with move clean wool and straw. So far, it looks like they are all black. They have sweet little bright pink bellies. They are so tiny and perfect. Have to take pictures tomorrow.

Partly Cloudy is still a lady in waiting. I think she's pregnant. She was bred on the same day as Abby. Her nestbox in her cage but she hasn't started pulling wool. We'll just have to see in the morning.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bunny day

It was time to start getting ready for the Bloomington show this Saturday, February 14th. I had the day off from work and spent most of my time in the barn blowing coats and choosing which bunns to show. I should be able to take at least 4 with me this time. I love the time spent showing rabbits and talking with my friends at shows.

Baby Huey, one of my Giant Angora bucks is getting a much better coat as he gets older. He's one big white cloud of fluff right now. Penny isn't pregnant. Just a bit chubby. Abby, a black SA doe is hopefully due in a little over 2 weeks and so is Partly Cloudy. Time will tell.

Bryton, a handsome Giant Angora, got about half of his wool clipped off today. His wool is so dense it is taking awhile and I'm taking time to make sure there are no little short bits of wool mixed in. He really enjoys being groomed and was purring away in bunny fashion. With the warmer weather we've been having, the bunnies are starting to blow there coats.

My husband bought me a new digital kitchen scale so I get weigh all the angora wool I have now in preparation for selling some of it. I have so many colors and types of angora, it's going to take a while to get it all cataloged.

Time to call it a night. Blessing to all my family, friends and critters.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Digging out from snow

We've had over 12 inches of snow and have been digging out today. Several trees are down. A neighbor saw we were having trouble getting out and came back with his tractor that had a snow blade attached. He did the whole drive for us and won't take anything. It's so good to know there are still people who help others out of pure goodness. We have a great group of neighbors out here in rural S. Indiana.

Bunnies are all doing fine. I'm hoping for litters from 3 Satin Angora does, a French angora and a black 83% German doe x REW Giant Buck. It will be several weeks but it's hard to wait. Baby bunnies are so cute! The tough thing about bunny care in the winter is hauling out water to them several times a day. The rest of the year we can just fill their bottles from a garden hose. In the winter, we switch to heavy bowls and keep them topped with fresh water. I got some fresh carrot tops from the health food store and the bunns all loved them. Most of my bunnies are very friendly and social and lean their head out of the cages to have foreheads rubbed and ears scratched. Have you ever heard a bunny purr? They make a scratching sound with their front teeth when they are happy and I love hearing it.

Time to sit in front of the TV beside my husband and knit. Stay warm!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chardonay, Satin Angora doe

AngoraEden - a blog about my gorgeous angora bunnies and fiber obsession.

I've decided to join my friends in blogging to share my experiences and love of Angora rabbits.
I have all the different breeds of Angoras: English, Satin, French, Giant, and German. All are pedigreed and many are now registered. Showing rabbits at ARBA shows is a very rewarding experience. Penny, one of my Satin Angora does won Best of Breed at the ARBA Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. I've met many wonderful people and made lots of friends at these shows. They are also a great way to learn about rabbit care.

Angora fiber is wonderfully soft and warm. In fact, it is about 8 times warmer than sheep's wool. I spin their wool into yarn and weave it into lovely, warm hats, mittens, scarves, etc. I've also begun felting it.

The name Angora Eden came about from the woods we are fortunate to live in. The trees are old growth hardwood oak, ash, maple, hickory with lots of pines mixed in.