Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Big Thank You!

I received a gorgeous angora cap with a charming bunny pin on it in the mail yesterday! Tears were streaming down my cheeks with the emotion I felt. Lisa and Annette, thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Everytime I wear the cap, I'll think of you and feel better.

Since I became ill with pancreatic cancer in January, my friends have been a tremendous help and support to me. I've received cards, emails, phone calls, visits, help in finding homes for my herd of angora rabbits, help in caring for the rabbits I have, and positive thoughts and prayers. The outpouring of kindness has been very uplifting and reminded me of the great goodness people are capable of.

I met with my oncologist on Monday and will begin my chemo treatment this coming Tuesday. While I'm not looking forward to the side effects of chemo, I'm ready to fight the cancer and pray that I will win.

God Bless all of you for your help, support and prayers!