Thursday, December 10, 2009

100% German kits - 1 Agouti!

SWF Tempest, a 100% German Agouti Doe delivered 5 kits and here they are. One is an agouti and the others are all black. All are doing well and Tempest has turned in a great mama.

We have one more litter due on December 21st. Mom is SWF La Nina, black 100% German doe and dad is Isaiah, a Giant bred by Dustin at Dusty's Angora Haven. La Nina is huge and we're hoping for color!

This is a picture of the one week old kits of Muffin, a lilac French Angora. She has 3 lilac, a couple of lilac torts, a cream, and maybe a white. There are 8 kits cuddled up in there.

Lots and lots of kits!

This is a picture of Ariel, a Satin Angora doe with her 3 kits. They are almost 4 weeks old. She had 2 Chocolate Agoutis and a
Red. This is her first litter and she's very protective of her babies.