Thursday, April 30, 2009

Black Satin Angora Baby

Here's a picture of one of Dusty's Abbi's kits. This is a black doe born 2/21/09. She's going to be living with a friend in Ohio soon.


Saturday, April 25th was an exciting day for us. Dharma, French Angora senior doe won her 3rd leg at the Greencastle, Indiana show. It was a beautiful day spent with my friends Sharon and Iris. We had 4 exhibitors for both French and Satin Angoras. It was also the first show held in Greencastle. And, Fabio, Satin Angora buck, won his 2nd leg. 2 of my young Satin Angoras went to new homes. Dharma also went to visit an afterschool program on Tuesday and the kids loved her. She would hop up to them and get petted, then dart off and do a binkie. She really let her sweet and curious personality shine. Last night, I clipped her lovely coat off and will breed her soon. Now to choose the sire. Here's a picture of Pondhor Villa's Dharma.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kahlua's babies

Kahlua is a Copper Agouti Satin Angora. Here are 4 of her 6 babies at 4 weeks of age.

Flame's babies

Cloudy's babies

Cloudy gave birth to 14 kits on April 3rd. She is a first time mom and had them on day 33. Of the 14, 6 were stillborn. The others were very tiny and now, only 3 are still surviving. These 3 have nice round milk tummies and seem fine. Cloudy is a Black 83% German/English hybrid. She was bred to Baby Huey, a Giant Angora.

Chardonnay's babies

Here's Chardonnay's babies. She delivered 9 healthy kits on Sunday, April 5th.

Baby Bunny updates

I've taken more pictures of Abby's babies. They're 6 weeks old now and really getting nice shiney, crimpy coats.