Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More baby pics

Here are some pictures of Flame's litter and Kahlua's babies.

Babies Galore!

I've got 4 litters of Satin Angoras and have the pictures now. Take a look. The first picture on the right is of Abby's babies at 3 weeks. On the left is one of Abby's 2 Black Satin Angora babies. The picture lower left is of one of Penny's babies, a Chestnut Agouti. This one is 3 weeks old.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bedouin, Grand Champion bunny!

The Lebanon, Ohio Rabbit Show on Sunday, March 1st was wonderful! I haven't seen so many angora rabbits and their people since the ARBA Convention in Louisville. Bedouin, one of my Satin Angoras, completed his Grand Championship with a BOS in one of the shows. Fabio, another one of my Satin Angoras received his 1st leg with a BOS in the other show. My other bunnies received some very nice remarks from the judges. My friends Lisa and Annette were there and also Tina. All did very well. Of course, I forgot my camera! Go to their blogs for pics. I slept most of the 3 hour drive home since my husband Ken came along to drive. I now have a new Blue French Angora buck, Blue Chieftain, from Celtic Hare Rabbitry. He's sweet and very adorable. All the bunnies are settled for the night. Time to close until I can take some more pictures.